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 Equal parts analog noise & electronic ambiance layered over a jazz, punk and pop base conjures a post-rock elixir 


DDS at Pauly's Hotel, Albany, NY

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Here's how it started.....

A hot summer day

On their way to the pool

Hot summer day

They were watching children pray

A cry in a car

It crashed and it burned

A cry in a car

It wasn’t long since he left her

He smoked his last cigarette

All alone in a garden

It all happened on a farm

You know he can’t support it

A breeze, it was snowing, they left an hour ago

Crashed into tree

Splattered all around his children 

could see

In a rooftop garden

They prayed for everyone

Tried to come out smiling 

Didn’t want anyone to know

Blood dotted on the sidewalk

It was such a mess

The children on their way to school

Couldn’t bare the sight

He made the girls cry

At the outdoor revival

Stood by the pulpit

And read from the Holy Bible

words: Miss Melvis - From the song Rooftop Garden




Miss Melvis: (Guitar, Words and Vocals) is a veteran guitarist/singer/songwriter best known for her stint in Cleveland’s infamous noise, improv ensemble Flat Can Co (Scene Magazine - “Best Indie Band” 2007, and “Best Instrumental Act” 2008). Soon after, Miss Melvis became romantically linked with Alejandro Escovedo. All signs now pointed to Austin, TX as her new home. During this period, when not touring with Escovedo, Miss Melvis released a full length CD (“Deep Inside”) and two MP3 singles. The singles featured Mike Watt on bass and Scott Krause (Pere Ubu, Home & Garden) on drums. 

John Scully: (Drum Kit, Percussion and Electronics) His early history began in the mid-80s Cleveland Hardcore scene. Bands such as Starvation Army, Numbskull, Oral Authority allowed Scully to unleash his myriad influences while playing as fast as he could. It was refreshing. Eventually, the jazz side overtook the punk side and led him into the world of 3 hour sets for folks sipping expensive cocktails. Upon meeting Miss Melvis, who encouraged him to bring out the electronics, Scully found out about his compositional abilities. The latest Duo Decibel recording, Slow Wave was composed and produced entirely by him.  


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